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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 08:12

We are often asked "What does NASWC do?"  A bit of Then & Now since our Association was organized in 1994 - - -

NOW - On-going Events & Projects

NASWC holds Quarterly Meetings - agenda includes speakers/programs on neighborhood topics ranging from Parks to Gardening, drainage to transportation, and more!

NASWC maintains the contract with Round Rock Refuse for discounted trash & recycle service

Liaison with Williamson county on issues of drainage, roadwork, Sheriff's Department; and with APD, Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department

Maintain our website, www.naswc.org

Send e-mails to notify neighbors of alerts, events, reminders, and projects in our area

Establish donations to the Stingrays Swim Team, Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department, Education Scholarships, and other contributions to our community

Receive notifications from the City of Austin about Zoning and Site Plan Applications for development of commercial properties near us and provide input

Post notices and reminders of neighborhood events on the Entrance Sign

Organize our annual National Night Event and work with our co-host T&C to provide neighbors an opportunity to meet and visit  our First Responders and Representatives who protect and serve our community.


THEN -- NASWC's History of Service

NASWC negotiated Restrictive Covenants with property owners around the perimeter of our neighborhood to provide for neighborhood-friendly developments and site plans with good drainage requirements.

NASWC has worked with the City of Austin about proper Zoning of properties in our community and Site Plan Applications for development of commercial properties around us.

NASWC worked with former County Commissioner Mike Heiligenstein on Lake Creek/Meadowheath Tributary for dredging of the creek for drainage and installation of a sewer line for homes on Meadowheath.

NASWC negotiated the contract with Round Rock Refuse for discounted trash service to try and reduce the number of heavy trucks coming through the neighborhood to keep our streets from being damaged and to keep them safer for our children.

NASWC alerted the Williamson County Road & Bridge Department when Cap Metro began bringing heavy buses through our neighborhood and damaging the streets.

NASWC worked very hard to protect our community when highway projects were drafted:

  • When Hwy. 183 expansion was planned to turn all of that road south of RM 620 into a toll road;
  • When an 18-lane toll booth was planned for SH-45 for the area next to Forest North Elementary School;
  • When there was concern by neighbors about noise and pollution from vehicles stopping at the toll booths on SH-45;
  • When there was concern about increased runoff from the vast amount of roadway paving on SH-45;
  • When we raised concerns against an underpass at Broadmeade on SH-45 that would have increased traffic on our residential street and in the school zone of Forest North Elementary.