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Saturday, 06 June 2009 01:46

The following information pertains to the various tax entities which cover the NASWC neighborhood.

Where can I find property tax information online?

There are two great resources for this and both are free!

Williamson County tax information: Click on “Search Appraisal Roll” and follow the directions. This site is specific to property information and improvements or personal business property on the lot.

Round Rock Independent School District tax info is available here. This site contains information not found on the Williamson County Appraisal District website.

Does Williamson County have a home page?


I got sick from food at a restaurant. Can I report them to the health department?

The Williamson County & Cities Environmental Services Division has a great website

This is specific to Food Inspection at Day Care Facilities and Restaurants:

There you can learn about the complaint procedure and the restaurant rating system. For example, if a restaurant accumulates more than 30 demerits, they have to do something immediately to correct the problems they are cited for.

See and use the Ratings Tool here:

If you really want to read through the Texas Food Establishment Laws, go here:

My culvert is broken. Do I need to do anything official to replace it?

You must obtain a permit from Williamson County and comply with their requirements. See (RTF document for MS Word or WordPad)

If you are in a city’s ETJ, contact the municipality for their regulations on driveway culverts.

Does NASWC maintain a Sex Offender list?

No. The State of Texas does an excellent job with their site:

You said in an email that it is illegal to post signs or placards on street signs or stop signs. That is not true.

Sorry, but it is true. We do not make up the laws but we have an obligation to inform our community of them.

Not only are private signs, like those for garage sales and lost pets, illegal to post on our stop signs and street markers, but they look pretty bad after being taped up for several weeks and they cause visual confusion at street corners for drivers.

Who is our County Commissioner?

Our County Commissioner is Lisa Birkman. NASWC is in the Precinct 1 portion of Williamson County. We regularly share information from Ms. Birkman’s office in our Info Emails which go to our members. You can contact our County Commissioner here:

Precinct 1 - Commissioner Lisa Birkman
400 W. Main #216
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 248-3238

What is the school district home page? What is the school’s home page?

Go to:

Area schools and their web pages:

Forest North Elementary School
13414 Broadmeade
Austin, TX 78729
Phone: 512-464-6750

Live Oak Elementary School
8607 Anderson Mill Rd.
Austin, TX 78729
Phone: 512-428-3800

Deerpark Middle School
8849 Anderson Mill Rd.
Austin, TX 78729
Phone: 512-464-6600

McNeil High School
5720 McNeil Rd.
Austin, TX 78729
Phone: 512-464-6300