Austin's Code Next - Draft Map published April 2017 Print
Monday, 03 April 2017 09:44

CODE NEXT -- how will Austin's new land development code affect our neighborhood community?  This is not just for Neighbors in the City of Austin - it is important information for all of us to learn about how the city plans to grow our area.

The new code addresses five challenges:  Community - Environment - Housing - Mobility - Permitting.  Upcoming Code Next presentations will focus on each of these themes.  Visit the Code Next website, scroll down to Want to learn more about the new code? and click on the link for What kind of city do we want Austin to be? to download the pdf.

The draft Map is online, along with current zoning map for comparing the proposed changes. Residents will be able to see the new zoning categories:  each property in the City of Austin will be re-zoned, including the residential properties.  The city is holding a series of meetings to roll-out the map to residents.  Community Impact newspaper reported on the District 6 meeting held by Councilmember Jimmy Flannigan to present the new map.

To read more about the Code Next project, upcoming presentations scheduled, view the various brochures - graphic designs - details of each zoning designation and the Categories the city is using to define areas and development, and the online survey, visit https://www.austintexas.gov/codenext.

Springwoods Pool Print
Monday, 03 April 2017 09:32

The Springwoods Pool, located at 13320 Lyndhurst Street is part of the City of Austin Parks Department.  Registration opens April 3rd for the 2017 Aquatics Program.  Visit the Pools & Swimming website to download the Aquatics 2017 Program brochure.

Floodplain Map Update 2017 Print
Monday, 17 April 2017 16:55

A new Floodplain Map has been published for the Upper Brushy Creek Water District - which includes our Lake Creek areas.  Read more

Deed Restrictions Print
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 07:43

Do our residential properties have deed restrictions?  Yes, they do.  And also some of the commercial properties in our area.

To find out more about the Deed Restrictions/Restrictive Covenants and how they are placed on property, click here.

For a listing of the Deed Restrictions for our NASWC community neighborhoods, visit our Deed Restrictions page.

Pruning Trees - Oak Wilt Information Print
Thursday, 04 February 2016 16:51

Protecting Our Trees and Property Values from Oak Wilt

Don't Prune - February to June

This is the time when our trees are most susceptible to the Oak Wilt disease:
the open wounds attract nitidulid beetles which transmit Oak Wilt disease from one tree to another.

Our neighborhood continues to lose one of its most important assets--the beautiful live oaks and red oaks that form a shady, green canopy over our streets and homes.  Our trees can help reduce utility bills in summer, increase property values and the beauty of our community.  But the spread of Oak Wilt in our NASWC community is a serious threat to the health and beauty of our trees and neighborhoods.  Texas A&M Forest Service recommends that residents not trim oak trees between February 1 and June 30, as this is the time when the  nitidulid beetles which transmit Oak Wilt are most active.  Protect the value of your property by learning about Oak Wilt:  what it is - how it spreads - disease management.  Read more.

NASWC has small yard signs available to remind neighbors not to prune when trees are most susceptible to spread of Oak Wilt.  To request a sign, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For additional information and links on our NASWC website, click here.

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