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Sunday, 10 April 2016 14:31

NASWC dues are only $25 per year.  We think you will agree that a lot gets done for the entire community of 2,300 households in our area with your $25.

  • We work with both Williamson County and the city of Austin on Zoning and Development issues, often spending long hours at Zoning and Platting meetings in Austin.
  • Through the hard work of NASWC leadership, we have nurtured an excellent relationship with area Police, Sheriff's department and our County Commissioner's office since our beginnings in 1998.
  • We host the annual National Night Out event at the T&C Ball Fields in August for the entire NASWC community
  • We sponsor the community's Forest North Stingrays Swim Team as part of our support of family-oriented activities
  • We award scholarships each year to two students who have completed high school and will be attending college or a trade/technical school.  Eligibility is for students who live in our neighborhood and are children or grandchildren of NASWC members.
  • We have a special low-rate, members-only, contact for garbage disposal with Round Rock Refuse.  They also provide recycling and buk items pick-up as part of the contract.  Our members are eligible to participate in this contract if they do not live in an area serviced by City of Austin or a MUD district disposal service.
  • Our members are eligible for membership in two local credit unions, University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) and Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU); also with TxDPS Credit Union located in Austin on St. John's Avenue.
  • We work to uphold the Restrictive Covenants in the community.
  • We email announcements of events, programs, alerts, and reminders to our members.  Through it, members keep in touch with issues affecting our community.
  • We maintain this website, www.naswc.org, which is chock-full of community information and links.

We are ALL volunteers and your neighbors.  We are not a Municipal Utility District nor an HOA.  No company or person has been hired to do this work.  And thus, the officers are ready to answer any questions you might have.