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Sunday, 28 February 2010 16:22

Protecting Our Trees and Property Values from Oak Wilt

Our neighborhood continues to lose one of its most important assets--the beautiful live oaks and red oaks that form a shady, green canopy over our streets and homes.  Our trees can help reduce utility bills in summer, increase property values and the beauty of our community.  But the spread of Oak Wilt in our NASWC community is a serious threat to the health and beauty of our trees and neighborhoods.

Protect the value of your property by learning about Oak Wilt, and become aware of the ways to detect, correct and stop the spread of this terrible blight.

A few important tips to help reduce this disease:

DO NOT PRUNE OAKS from February 1 through June 30: this is the Oak Wilt carrier beetle's peak season. You can help enforce this ban by reminding everyone of the real and expensive dangers to our neighborhood oaks.  Everyone needs to protect our property values and oak trees.  Also be sure to CLEAN TOOLS AND PAINT ALL CUTS AND WOUNDS on your trees.

At our January 28th NASWC Meeting, our Guest Speaker Ms. Driscoll, Staff Forester with Texas A&M Forest Service, provided the following Oak Wilt Resources:



texastreeplanting.tamu.edu provides a Texas Tree Planting Guide



Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center


Information about Oak Wilt Suppression is available on the City of Austin website and a pdf on Pruning Guidelines for Prevention of Oak Wilt in Texas


It is strongly recommended that you employ only certified arborists to prune your valuable Oaks. Avoid the uncertified tree service vendors who roam the neighborhoods and perform unsafe Oak Wilt practices. Find local certified arborists and check with the Better Business Bureau:

International Society of Arboriculture
(Search by name, location, or zip code)

Better Business Bureau
(Search by zip code and vendor name)

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